Your Interstate of Mind Rebranding Campaign

When this national retail power chain expanded its offerings to meet today’s digital millennial audience, Katalyst developed a strategic platform and creative campaign to deliver emotional impact. Although people don’t have emotional connections with batteries, they do have emotional connections with their “toys” - cell phones, motorcycles, even their beloved power tools. And of course, they want to protect our families and homes. 

Creative Director: Kat Downend
Designers: Kathleen Heikes, Andrew Gayer
Copywriter: Kat Downend

Interactive Sales Training App

When Interstate Battery’s Commercial B2B division employed a new and targeted focus on anchor industries, the P.L.A.N. Game Day Audio App delivered on-the-go inspiration and education. Audio sessions were accompanied by quick quizzes to prompt self-challenge and lighthearted rivalry, motivating the sales force soak up everything they needed to know about bringing home the victory on their new key prospects.

Designers: Quake Creative
Copywriter: Kat Downend
Game Day B2B Sales Training App