Getting 306,000,000 search results for “first-time mom” gave us sympathy pains – and a great idea – for connecting with newbie mothers. Walmart’s baby department reinvention was the first category in a storewide reinvention drive to capture a more upscale, millennial audience.

The Spark: The First Time Expectant (FTE) is on a 9-month journey of uncertainty. She gets a Googledom of differing opinions and advice from doctors, friends, family and her crazy Aunt Nancy. But what if her favorite retail store was her roadmap to making the right choices for her first baby? 


The Due Dates concept dovetails perfectly with Walmart’s "Every Little Step" platform and reaches today’s mobile millennial with interactive displays and instant product suggestions, blogger advice and a warm network of compadre FTEs.

Due Dates is currently being, erm, birthed in a trial test of 100 Walmart stores.

Agency: Work performed for Anthem Worldwide
Strategic Planner: Ginger Smithwick
Digital Strategy: Dawn Dubinka
Concept Director: Kat Downend
Creative Director: Ed Raldiris
Designer: Tiffany Budzisz
Copywriter: Kat Downend, Lexi Corn